Price Indication

Dear visitor,

To give you an idea of the price range within which I sell my work, I would like to give you an indication of the prices of my works. If you are specifically interested in one or more works, you can request a quotation from me (without obligation) via the appropriate ‘quotation form’ that is stated next to each artwork.


Astrid de Rie

Small glassware (glasses and small objects) from € 50,- to € 150,-
Medium glassware (medium sized dishes, dishes and objects) from € 150,- to € 300,-
Large glassware (vases, jars, carafes, dishes and dishes) from € 300,- to € 750, –
Lumières (bird trees and other candle lighting objects) from € 550, – to € 950, –

Oil paintings
Prices range from € 750,- to € 4500,-

Pastels and drawings
Prices range from € 600,- to € 1450,-

Prices range from € 250,- to € 2500,-

All prices include 9% VAT.